Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's been awhile!

i've been so busy with my band, cymbals eat guitars, that i haven't had a chance to add much here.
we're recording (currently mixing!) our new record at headgear studios in brooklyn, NY with awesome producer john agnello.

lots of smallsound/bigsound all over the record, too!

anyways, i recorded a bunch of new fuck overdrive demos, mostly showing the gain range on some different guitars. they're all on the youtube channel, but i figured i'd post the one longer clip here.

i got my stickers in 2 weeks ago and have sent tons out to people all over the world. they're free for all(!), so if anyone's reading this and interested in grabbing some send an email over to with your mailing address and i'll get them out to you - it doesn't matter where you are!

by next week i'll be back in the swing of things so i'll be finalizing the mountain range circuit, getting some new circuit boards printed and getting a nice fresh batch of silkscreened enclosures - maybe some slightly different designs/colors? who knows!

talk soon
big hugs


Josh said...

I'm really stoked for the mountain range, especially with a bass!

brian said...

me too! it's going to be really nice...