Thursday, March 17, 2011

all in a day's work.

time to get started! the boards are double-sided, through-plated, silk-screened fabricated boards that i spend countless hours laying out - it's a long process, but i really do enjoy it - it's a unique and fun puzzle every time!

this is for a batch of team awesome! fuzzmachines. originally i was going to do 8, but my wrist was a little sore from the other boards i did that day and i pared it down to 3.

resistors in first.
parts go in according to their height - shortest to tallest - that way things stay nice and snug against the board when it gets flipped over to clip the leads off.

here are the 3 boards with the resistors plugged in, ready to be soldered.

lots of leads. good for jumpers, etc. so i keep a little pile around at all times.

step 1 done! next.

IC socket for the voltage inverter for the PNP germanium fuzz, reverse polarity diode, temperature stabilizing ge diodes and a few small value capacitors.

more capacitors.

the good stuff.

nice russian germanium transistors. pretty consistent, low leakage, reasonable gain and low numbers of rejects.

fun and spage-age looking, too!

got the russians soldered in as well as their silicon friends.

electrolytic capacitors and bias trimpot installed and IC socketed. all of the components are done; now it's time for the potentiometers, switches and wiring. never a dull moment!

pots ready. the fuzz pot is a different type of pot and is a little bit shorter than the others... there are worse things in life, so i'm ok with it.

mids switch, boost switch and wires for the clean blend pot are in place. not much left to do except drill additional holes in the enclosure, put all the external hardware in, wire it up and test it.

more later...


David Rainger said...

Nice pics!
I can really relate to this...!
Pots soldered direct to the board; is that OK? Do you get worrying movement as you fix pots to the enclosure??
I've never managed to make bigger than batches of 3 before my brain seizes up.

brian said...

PCB mounted pots are cool by me. i've moved away from mounting switches, as those see a bit more stress and break easier.

no weird movement, especially since my boxes are pre-drilled!

my brain seizes up on batches of 10 or so...