Sunday, January 9, 2011

no, but YES

i've been very up and down lately. since i'm waiting for these enclosures and such i'm not building any pedals and for the moment have zero income... every day i'm crunching numbers, etc. but it's a little stressful. it will be great when the enclosures DO finally arrive, but until then i can't help but think the worst and get a little more anxious with each passing day. i haven't really been sleeping very well, either, so the lack of rest is starting to wear on me as well...

thankfully, there has been at least ONE truly positive thing happening per day!
yesterday i got a really nice email from someone who had bought a team awesome used and found it too loud; also, someone had adjusted the internal trimpots "for guitar". bummer, because out of the few unusable/crummy settings on those internal pots, the previous owner had found one of them... i re-adjusted them so the pedal was balls to the wall and it's safe to say that homey was pretty psyched to get it back all fixed up. (i'm not the biggest fan of builders having a ton of quotes and such on their page, but i needed the cheering up so i just figured i'd repost it - my favorite part is the interjection about the color!)

"Finally got home from Tucson last nite. Just plugged in the TAFM. Holy Shit brother, this thing kills! not the prettiest to look at..haha gold is weird!!...but WOW what a killer! Need to figure out how the knobs work together exactly but Sweet Mother of Mercy!!!"


so today after finally falling asleep at 6am i got a paltry 4 hours of sleep. tired as shit, i decided to go into the shop anyways and it was a good thing i did... besides listening to m83 all day, i got the expression pedal input happening on the fuck overdrive. YES
that was pretty much the best thing that could have happened! (aside from getting those enclosures... *grumble grumble* )

also, here's a sneak peek at the team awesome layout. the jacks are on the long side, behind the row of 4 knobs.

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