Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PWM fuzz with random modulation

sweet. i've got this bad boy up and running the way i wanted it to sound.

*it goes from huge synth fuzz to thin nasal mosquito buzz with some nice reedy shades in-between.

*the modulation is pseudo random and has a solid range from super slow to crackle-y fast. there is also a CV input which disables the random source so you can use a periodic LFO or other source. i tested it with a 9v, 5v and bipolar 9v source. the 5v had the largest range with the depth pot, though the 9v worked ok too. the bipolar source worked, but the range was much smaller and as the circuit isn't designed to work with one, i would recommend against using it. your mileage may vary with the CV in, but most sources should work fine...

*i decided to also add a "chop" switch which makes the depth either really choppy and stark (almost tremolo) to smoother (though i disliked a very smooth setting and decided to omit one for simplicity).

*tons of output on this beast.

overall the random source is really interesting. there are lots of broken sounds here as well as some subtle movement - though single notes work fine, i think the circuit really shines on legato playing, after reverb or another modulation effect (phaser) or more sustained, notes. guitar and synth clips to follow later.

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