Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this week

lots and lots happening this week...
ideas ideas and things to do

*there will be a new version of the year4545 coming in the next few weeks - similar controls but with some neat additions and in a larger footprint for a little bit more cash money... the transistors necessary in the pedal are type and even brand specific and within that narrow window do not always work well together - all this means that it's pretty time-consuming for me to churn out these pedals, so i need to take care of myself!

*there will be a super rad unnamed overdrive (tentatively named the fuck overdrive) coming in the next few weeks as well! it sounds like a nice full-range dynamic overdrive with the ability to go into fuzz territory and a unique function which basically makes the pedal sound like your amp is breaking... in a good way. and that control will have a momentary switch, too!

*i'm trying really hard to get the next batches of pedals screenprinted, so hopefully there will be some nice new artwork available as well as a batch of super special hand-drawn/painted finishes.

*i'm building a very short run (5) of PWM fuzzes with pseudo-random modulation of the pulsewidth. it's based on a nice little circuit snippet by a wonderful gent named tim escobedo - he's got a lot of great circuits on the web. i'm doing my own thing with it, so it will be significantly different in the end. these are going to be 4-knobbers, with a possible CV in jack (not 100% yet) and will be $150. 4 are already spoken for, but you never know! also, if i get more requests, i'll do a 2nd run... see thread for more info:

*continuing work on the vibrato/MBV/boards of canada-izer, but it's slow right now. too many other things to think about and this one circuit is going to take a bit more time.

i'll be more active here from now on. i promise.

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