Monday, February 28, 2011

mountain range/screenprinted pedals almost done...

still continually anxious about not being able to get many pedals out due to the silkscreen wait, but thankfully i got some pcb design work in for fuzzrocious and fuzzhugger pedals - both very nice companies/people to deal with who are making neat stuff! new stickers are on their way and i should be in the pedal zone with the new enclosures by the weekend - meaning it's 12-hour days for me next week. got to make up for lost time!

i finished the mountain range circuit design and have the pcb all laid out already - now it's just a matter of finalizing the graphics and controls... i'm going to keep it simple so i can keep the price down, but so far the controls are:
pregain, gain, tone, volume and a clipping switch.

both gain controls are different, yet yield similar tones when used independently. together, they bring the overdrive into slightly saturated fuzz territory - not too wild, but really nice.
the tone control is, at the moment, a simple high-cut control that still needs a little attention... i may change this completely to a one-knob bass/treble control? need to think about it a bit more...
there's a nice amount of boost and the pedal so far plays really well with others. i'm in love with how subtle it can be, yet how it warms the signal up.

i'm going to give it a run on some other gear in rehearsal today and see how it fares at louder volumes and with more speakers.
though i can't post it at the moment from my iphone, there's a pic of the prototype over at facebook.

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