Tuesday, December 7, 2010

time for some new circuit boards!

every 25 pedals or so i need some new boards. it's nice as it allows me the luxury of updating the PCBs without having a ton of them on hand that may have had a small error or mis-label. i really enjoy this part of designing/building...

it's like figuring out a weird puzzle on a few different levels - you have the design of the pedal, the layout of the controls on the pedal, which in my case delineates at least partially the PCB layout, the component layout on the board and the routing associated. i often spend more time than i should on this stage since i try and get the most compact, efficient and aesthetically pleasing layout i can. some people are true artists when it comes to circuit layouts... that's what i'm striving for!

here are my layouts for the fuck overdrive and the newer year4545. i just started working on another tafm layout, which should be done by the weekend.

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