Tuesday, December 21, 2010

moving along!

sooooo let's see...

some new-ish ideas that i'm making headway on:
*PWM fuzz is moving along - slowly but surely. i decided to go ahead and get PCBs fabricated for this, rather than make them on perfboard. they'll be way nicer looking!

*i'm working on another 2 overdrives, in addition to the fuck overdrive (which will be coming out in january) funny, because i was never really the biggest fan of overdrives (kind of why i named the first "fuck overdrive") and now i'm interested in making 3 different ones... ha! not sure if they'll all surface, but they're fun to work on.

*i'd like to get started on a cool blend/loop pedal with dual boosts and some other neat features - almost like a swiss army knife of a pedal! the basic block diagram is all laid out, i just need to hit the breadboard.

*warped record/MBV/boards of canada pedal is also slowly but surely under way!

i need another breadboard or two...

here's a pic of the next batch of TAFMs on their way to fuzzhugger.com. they should have them in stock some time next week...

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